The fastest website loading speeds for your visitors originating from US, Canada as well as Latin America

If your resource–demanding multimedia sites are going to be aimed mostly toward potential customers from the US, Canada as well as Latin America, our USA located data center can provide the perfect virtual hosting solution for your requirements. The Steadfast data center is found in downtown Chicago and serves several of the main telecom providers in North America. It gives you complete redundancy in network connectivity and power and thereby it’s ideal for hosting your demanding websites and apps.

Using the Linux VPS Hosting Packages In The USA option is uncomplicated. Simply opt for the configuration you’d like, picking from a range of VPS solutions on our website and then pick the USA located data center on the order form. Our admins are going to install the server for you at the USA located data center free and will also be on–site 24x7 to guarantee a 99.9% network uptime. At the same time, they’re going to perform every–week off–site backups of the VPS to make sure your data is kept safe and sound constantly.

Other US Hosting Services

The US data center does provide an amazing infrastructure, which enables us to offer you various kinds of hosting solutions besides Virtual Private Servers.

With the data center you will discover Website Hosting In The US packs, which are exceptional if you want to host a basic blog or portfolio website, or even a pretty popular electronic store. Our Linux website hosting packages offers all have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a totally free domain registration and unrestricted disk space & traffic allocations. Linux Semi-dedicated Hosting Packages In The USA are offered. They’re the smartest choice if you’d like more power than an ordinary Linux website hosting packages package offers, yet dedicated servers are way too tricky to address and need a lot of upkeep from you. Our semi–dedicated servers come with adequate CPU and MySQL database storage space allocations, which makes them made for popular web sites with numerous monthly visits. For those who want something considerably more powerful, we offer Linux Dedicated Servers Hosting Packages In The USA. Employing a dedicated server, it will be easier to host any web site or application that you would like, regardless how CPU–intensive or demanding it is actually.